Non-Denominational Christian Academy

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The Talented Tenth Boys Academy of North Carolina, (herein referred to as The Academy) has made its introduction into the state of North Carolina as a premier independent educational facility. This outstanding establishment provides a rich educational environment for these male youth, exposing them to a plethora of educational insights and gives them the true meaning of knowledge and wisdom.

Feelings of confidence and success will be promoted by motivating the students to incorporate their history into a meaningful education. The Academy will encourage students to obtain their college degree. During this journey, these young men will learn to dedicate their lives to upholding ethical values that will provide better outcomes.

The Academy is located at 1500 Rocky River Road W. Charlotte, NC 28213. Our current enrollment is for grades K-12th. This safe haven will serve as a unique experience allowing them the opportunity to find success and enjoy themselves along the way. Through the use of educational grants, donations, as well as income generated from other services, The Academy will provide educational opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow – the youth of today.